Best Easter Day SMS & Messages of 2018 to Share with Friends

There are a lot of events which we celebrate. Events have a lot of benefits in human life, for example, events help us to spend leisure time with our families we can go out for hanging with our friends. There are many events out of the most popular and the most celebrated events is Easter Day. In this day we get leave from our offices and from other places where we have to normally go.

To celebrate events like Easter day we can send messages to our relatives to please them and express our love for them. That is why here I am going to share the best Easter day SMS 2018 which you will surely love. And I am confident the recipients will also like these messages. While if you want to read more messages like this then you can search them on Google.

What is Easter?

Easter is an event of Jesus which is celebrated on occasion on the resurrection of Jesus from death on the 3rd day after his crucifixion. In Greek or Latin, this event is called Pascha or resurrection day. In according to the New Testament of Bible this event is celebrated three days after Jesus was crucified by Romans.

The origin of word Easter is not common and is suggested by monk and scholar on the 8th century that this come from ‘’Anglo Saxon Eostre’’ A Teutonic God of spring and fertility. But Recent Expert Scholars are unable to find any reference to this theory whether this is true or an assumption.

In this time passion of Jesus is on culminated and Lent is preceded, this includes the forty-day period of fasting, prayers, and sacrifices. Many churches managed special services on this occasion and eggs are also decorated by people which can be hard boiled and eaten later. These eggs may be model eggs and made of chocolate, candies or other similar materials.

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