Soft Dog Frisbee VS. Hard Dog Frisbee – Which One to Choose

A dog is a susceptible animal and playing with your dog can be a source of fun and enjoyment. If you have a dog and want to choose a toy which you can use to play with your dog, then there is nothing better then a Frisbee. There are two main categories of the Dog Frisbee known as “Soft” and “Hard.”

I have described both the Frisbees in full details along with their Pros & Cons which you can read below and can decide which Frisbee is suitable for you.

The Definitions

The “Soft Frisbee” is defined as a Frisbee (Flying Disc, or Dog Disc) that can quickly change its shape and can be bend and retains its original positions is known as Soft Dog Frisbee.

The “Hard Frisbee” is defined as a Frisbee (Flying Disc, or Dog Disc) whose shape doesn’t change quickly when we apply some force and if we apply more power, the Frisbee will be broken into pieces.

The Pros & Cons

There are many Pros and Cons of both the Soft and Hard Dog Frisbee which I am going to describe below. You can read them below and then it will be straightforward for you to decide between them.

Pros of Soft Frisbee

  • Your dog will not be injured in case of a hard catch by the pet. It will also make your dog Scatch the Frisbee easily.
  • Soft Frisbees are covers small distance other than the hard one, and it is Pro for those dogs who are slow/lazy or just learning how to catch a flying disc.
  • These Flyers can change its shape and will not be damaged if an external force is applied so you can put these Frisbees anywhere you want.

Cons of Soft Frisbee

  • If you have an eager dog who is very energetic, then soft Frisbee is a bad pick because it will not cover good distance.
  • Your pet may bite the soft frisbee and scratches will appear on the toy.

So these were a few important Pros & Cons of both the soft dog discs and I hope you have understood them.

Pros of Hard Frisbee

  • A Hard Dog Flyer will cover a good distance making your dog run longer and it will be more interesting and challenge for your pet.
  • The frisbee will go in the straight direction where you had thrown it, mean the Air will not change its directions.
  • The distance covered by a Hard Frisbee is much more than the soft one.
  • Hard Frisbees are mostly cheap as compared to the soft ones.

Cons of Hard Frisbee

  • For new or lazy dogs Hard Disk is a bad pick as it can cause dental lose and can injure your dog too. Moreover, it also covers good distance so you cannot use it in a place where a lot of people or cars etc. are present.

Which One Should You Use

Now that I have described everything in full detail and you have the Pros and cons and now you should be able to decide where a soft frisbee a good pick for you or a hard one.

As both, the Dog Flyers has their own pros & cons but it entirely depends upon you that which kind of pet you have and which type of toy you want to pick for your dog.

However, if you ask me then I would recommend a soft frisbee for a new dog and a hard for a dog who has been playing this game for one year or more.

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