How To Find Who Is Using Your Wi-Fi and How To Block Them on Android

Today internet has changed the lifestyle everybody is connected to the internet either directly or indirectly and the social sites like Facebook and Twitter etc. has made the peoples crazy to use an internet in bonus they want to use it for free. While on the other hand if you want to learn how to hack Wifi Password then you can use the Bcmon app.

The best source for a free internet connection is to use a Wi-Fi network which allows the users to use the internet for free without paying a little if they have already registered this.

But there is a problem with the Wi-Fi networks that it can be easily hacked by the professionals. They can hack and use our internet for free and if we use a limited package then we have to pay also for them. There is not only the problem of paying for limited packages there are too much problems that one can face if someone uses his network one of them is the slow internet speed either you are using a fast internet because when you share your internet either through wire or by signals the speed of your Wi-Fi decrease and when the number of users also increases the speed of network also goes low and low.

If you have the same problem then do not worry about this here in this guide I am going to tell you a very easy and interesting method to block all the other users of a particular Wi-Fi network by using your android phone you can also do this on your Laptop or on your PC but there is some difference in this. On the laptop, you have to download software or use the CMD commands which a little harder than using the Android phones to do this, as Android has multiple features and most of the Wi-Fi is just turned on to use the Wi-Fi signals on your smartphones.

Find Who Is Stealing/Using Your Wi-Fi Network

This is the most important part of our this guide that is how to find who is using our Wi-Fi. Just watch the video.

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