Why we use stamps in Postcards and letters

Letters have been a good source for communication from the start of the time, before letters we used to use birds for communication and we used to send messages by attaching a very small letter at the foot of a special kind of the bird but as the time passed this method failed and we have to get new methods.

The one of the modern and the most used method to the community with others is to send postcards to our friends and relative. The process of sending a postcard is very simple.

Just follow the below steps to get started.

  • For sending a postcard to make sure you have a stamp if you have the question where can i buy stamps near me then you can google it.
  • After you bought some stamps you have to buy a letter cover.
  • Now use a white paper and write down your message on that paper make sure you write clearly and beautifully.
  • Now put that paper I that cover and that’s it.
  • Simply use glue or any other sticking material and attach the stamp to that Letter cover.
  • Go to the post office and submit your letter there.


So, friends this was  very simple and easy to follow tutorial by which you can easily send letters to your loved onces. Now I hope you really enjoyed this but if you still have questions like where can i buy stamps near me then you should ask some elder or go to post office they will guide you.

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